Dude in Distress Strip 57

29th Jan 2018, 7:01 AM in First Date
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Dude in Distress Strip 57
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Author Notes:

EssayBee 29th Jan 2018, 7:01 AM edit delete
Here's strip 57 of Dude in Distress, and Clark and Femme take a brief stroll to the restaurant.

Gotta say, I like the way this one turned out. I had no real plans for this strip other than for it to be a transition page to get them from the meet-up point to the restaurant. Thankfully, Clark and Femme pretty much wrote this one purely by their personalities. I always like when I can sit back and let the characters do the work for me.


O8h7w 29th Jan 2018, 8:00 AM edit delete reply
I like it too, your characters are pretty good at this :)
O8h7w 29th Jan 2018, 8:13 AM edit delete reply
Ehm... seeing as she never went to a third date with anyone, I'd even say she doesn't really have an ex - at all. Maybe a good idea not to let Clark know about that yet though.
Xade 29th Jan 2018, 9:30 AM edit delete reply
they are both dorks made for each other. lol!
...(RockB) 29th Jan 2018, 8:05 PM edit delete reply
Like kids in a fun park :D

Is't fun to watch them :)