Dude in Distress Strip 70

21st May 2018, 7:01 AM in First Date
Dude in Distress Strip 70
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Author Notes:

EssayBee 21st May 2018, 7:01 AM
Here's strip 70, which I dedicate to George Lucas, who encountered problems similar to what Femme describes here with his plans to develop affordable housing on his property in Marin County.

There is more Clark and Femme could discuss about the Towers and their impact on the community, but this isn't a story about urban develpment, and I'd rather move Clark and Femme's story along. More details may crop up later, and you can always ask questions in the comments if you want more info.


...(RockB) 21st May 2018, 7:39 AM
Panel 3 reminds me of the movie "Star Man" with Beau Bridges. Or "E.T.". I guess if you (as an alien from outer space) can display some power of your own and can convincingly claim some intergalactic diplomat status, a lot of things can be green-lit. if not, well, "you are not human, you have no human rights." :-(

This is the first page after several that doesn't make me smile but I (still) love it for the theme and the explanations and the artwork anyway :)

Edit: Also thanks for creating a bit of... publicity for George Lucas' project! It's a shame and (sadly) adds to my current level of distrust in humanity as a whole, while I'm fully aware that it's a minor thing compared to wars and terrorism all over the place.
EssayBee 21st May 2018, 10:42 AM
Glad to hear that even these non-fun strips seem to be engaging. My attempts at strip-based writing for this series (i.e., trying to end every strip with a punchline--either something fun and goofy or something emotional/thought-provoking) is proving to be a bit challenging on these more world-building and character-based discussions. There are still a number of fun bits this episode, but we'll also be getting a glimpse at some of Femme's backstory, which is a bit heavy. But--hey!--this is pretty much a fairy-tale romance developing, and fairy tales always have some heavy stuff in them. (But Dude in Distress won't have anyone cutting off their toes, throwing anyone in ovens, or turning into sea foam, so I guess DiD is more fairy tale-lite.)
Steveador 23rd May 2018, 6:47 PM
I'm wondering what she does with this money she doesn't need. I'm assuming charity, but maybe something fun like wage supplements for low income families ect...
EssayBee 24th May 2018, 10:39 AM
Lots goes to charity and various public health and urban/transportation development projects she finds of interest. She also is known to give holiday "bonuses" to all tenants (usually a month's worth of rent) and businesses in the Towers (with a set amount of the business bonuses to be divided among the employees).
Black Rose 21st May 2018, 11:49 AM
Will there be more of FF's backstory?
EssayBee 21st May 2018, 12:33 PM
We'll hear a bit before this episode is done.
Expendable_Crew_Member 29th May 2018, 12:59 AM
To be devil's advocate for the wealthy not wanting to live near poor people; I am "Low income" poor. Growing up, I lived on & off Air Force Bases as a child of an NCO & "Middle Class". I have noticed that the lower the income level of an area, the more common certain types of crime start becoming. Me & my friends have noticed & been subjected to an increase in crime when an apartment complex we live in or near starts accepting Section 8 housing. Soooo.... I just hope Femme does background checks on the people she rents apartments to. Yes I know #NotAllPoor, but enough to be noticed.
EssayBee 2nd Jun 2018, 12:06 AM
Not devil's advocate by any means--it's a good point. True, crime and poverty go hand in hand. I talked about this a bit over at the Patreon page. Besides parts of the Towers serving as the Con'qorian embassy, other secret levels are known to be the HQ for the city's superheroes (like with the embassy, the public doesn't know which levels or in which tower(s) it's located). A number of these heroes (not just Femme) are known to frequently drop in and greet kids in the apartments. The knowledge that a number of superheroes could be on the premises at any time as well as could be strolling down a hallway at any moment has successfully served as a deterrent to crime in the Towers. The alien tech also provides good security for tenants. Plus there's probably an unspoken feeling that Femme and her peers would personally investigate any crimes on the premises, and that's a level of scrutiny and heat most lower-level crooks wouldn't care to have.
Expendable_Crew_Member 7th Jun 2018, 12:22 AM
Cool, thanks for the background info.

Having a Superhero randomly appearing at any moment would be an excellent deterrent.